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“Artist as Mentor” Academy Square, Montclair

13 May – 15 August 2014  Judith Howells, Ruby Reichardt + Rebecca Rosenheck exhibit with their mentor, Catherine Kinkade

Mentor 4 IMG_5897

[Artists’ Statements follow]

Reception: Friday 16 May 2014, 6 – 9 pm,  featured in the Montclair Art Walk
Academy Square 33 Plymouth St, Montclair NJ 
Virginia S. Block Gallery [2nd floor]

Studio Montclair announces its juried exhibition Artist as Mentor

This exhibit showcases work of our artist-members and their students. Artist As Mentor offers a venue for talented students to exhibit in a public gallery setting. Viewers will gain insight into the creative process of teaching and witness the various ways in which artists pass on their skills to the next generation of rising artists.

About the juror: Virginia S. Block is a fine artist whose work is in numerous private and corporate collections. She has had a long and varied career, including working as an art teacher, package and logo designer, and director of incentive marketing. Block has been represented by galleries in Washington DC, PA, NJ and NY since 1980, and is currently represented Fredrick Clement in NYC.

Mentor 2 IMG_5894    Kinkade.C.8.Sea Meadow (504).oil 189kb  Catherine Kinkade  Sea Meadow  oil 62″ x 42″

“Mentor = an experienced and trusted advisor

These three artists have a passion for, and a focused commitment to the tough process of making art, doing so with integrity and enthusiasm, and somehow managing to balance painting with everyday life.

All of us are landscape painters.  We know about color and technique.

We’re flexible and have a good sense of humor.

Our relationship has been one of trust and respect in a painfully vulnerable process.  These are special people.

In each case, there have been at least 5 years of mentoring:

  • 1986 – 1991 Judith Howells is an established, professional plein air painter in CA. [] Plein air oils exhibited here.
  • 2004 – 2011 Ruby Reichardt is a professional artist now in NYC [] Mixed media cityscapes exhibited here.
  • 1986 – 1991 + 2007 – present Rebecca Rosenheck is a student in an Independent Study [graduate level seminar] plein air painting class.  Plein air color studies in pen + ink with pastel or watercolor are exhibited here, preparation for a finished piece.

They’ve taken the basic concepts in directions I would never have dreamed of.  And that is the point of mentoring: stepping in as needed, and knowing when to step out of the way so that the student owns the process herself.”

Catherine Kinkade

Mentor 3 IMG_5901     Ruby glass photo 1  Glass Houses   mixed media

Ruby Reichardt looks at oils by Judy Howells

“A mentor and friend.  Many years, many classes, many fun Wednesday mornings at MAM.

I remember how essential those Wednesdays were, in the midst of raising kids.  The calm those plein air mornings at Van Vleck, or backyards give us.

But also all the winter days when Catherine would talk about color and places and the way she sees the world, always giving us space to do our own thing, respecting the student’s sense of style.  Maybe a nudge, ‘Don’t over-work it’, ‘step back’, ‘add a little sparkle over there’.

Sometimes less is more, but Catherine was always an inspiration to do more.”

Ruby Reichardt

Mentor 1 IMG_5898  Rebecca entries Artist as Mentor

Rebecca Rosenheck    plein air studies in pen + ink with pastel or gouache

” I have studied with Catherine Kinkade from 1986 – 1991 and have returned to Catherine to study from 2007 – present day.  Catherine is teaching me how to see and paint plein air, using many techniques and media.  I am learning from Catherine how to breathe life into my paintings so that the viewer can feel the atmosphere.  I am very grateful to Catherine for sharing her methods so generously.”

Rebecca Rosenheck

 “One day in 1986, I wandered into a framing gallery in Montclair and admired the paintings on display.   The owner offered that Catherine Kinkade was in the gallery and introduced us.   Shortly thereafter I discovered she was teaching a course in landscape painting.  I signed up.  At the time, I  had two degrees in art but two little boys at home and no outside help. I managed to take that class on Tuesday mornings for 6 weeks,  but I did not think I could attend her classes that fall at the Montclair Art Museum.

There were lots of reasons to procrastinate.  However, Catherine called me one day in September of that year  and persuaded me that I should start NOW. She explained that her classes were sequential; she taught process, theory, vocabulary, and fundamentals which would become the building blocks for making art and I shouldn’t miss any of it!   And then the magic words…”I saw promise…”  I wavered. And then a friend stepped in with after school babysitting.  I studied with Catherine from 1986-1991, and was her assistant for the last two years, before moving to Southern California.   During that time, a supportive and challenging dialogue between teacher and student developed. For me, the association facilitated a rich environment for personal growth and support.  The door opened for the muse to step in.” 

Judy Howells

Plein Air Painting Classes

Catherine Kinkade teaches landscape, plein air landscape, and color at the Montclair Art Museum in Montclair, NJ.

For a current list of her offerings check out her Teaching Page